Contract length: 02.10.2017 – 31.03.2020

Project ID: AAL2017-AAL-2016-074-IONIS-2 (Nr. 53/2.10.2017)

Funded by the AAL Program

This project is funded by the AAL program

Financing Unit at National Level

Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation – UEFISCDI, Bucharest

Project Overview

The IONIS project is aiming at developing an ICT based platform to support people suffering from dementia and their caregivers. IONIS will build on the highly successful NITICS AAL platform (AAL-2012-5 NITICS). New technologies and services for both indoor and outdoor support will be used to develop a fully integrated solution for health monitoring, home automation, personal agenda with reminders, alerts, caregiver administrative tools, etc. A user-centered approach will be employed which will involve end-users throughout the project. A variety of methods and tools such as analytical methods, surveys, conjoint analysis and pilot studies will ensure that IONIS is especially tuned for its target users.

Please visit the IONIS page at for more info on the whole IONIS project